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In June of 2021, California Wealth Advisors was so proud to bring Nicole Adler (left) onto our team as our Chief of Staff, running our operations and heading up our team. Working directly under Kelley, Nicole is responsible for nearly everything in the office, from administrative duties to client relations and beyond. She’s also currently working to become a registered financial professional, a desire and passion of hers for her entire career.

“I’ve always wanted to be a licensed and registered financial professional. It all started with my family encouraging me to begin saving and investing early, giving me the opportunity to accomplish goals later down the road. I quickly learned how important it was to become financially literate in addition to the value of an early start, and to this day, I think that’s been the difference maker in my journey to become financially secure. Now, I want to become a financial professional to help others find their path toward the goals they feel so strongly about,” Nicole says.

For Nicole, family isn’t just the driving force for financial security and confidence; it’s everything. “My family has been more than instrumental in, not just my professional career, but also my personal life. They always tell me that I have no limits, and having trusted them for my entire life, I have no choice but to believe them,” she says. “They instilled strong core values in me from a young age, giving me the tools to become a well-rounded person. Those values have pushed me to work my hardest and strive to be the best person I could possibly be, and knowing that I have unconditional love and support backing me and each of my decisions has been immensely crucial to all of my accomplishments.”

A California native, Nicole is a graduate of Cal State University, Northridge, where she studied sociology and achieved her bachelor’s degree. “I’ve always been fascinated by the way communities and people function,” she says. “I think that’s why I’m so interested in financial services. No matter who you are or where you’re from, money can tell you so much about how a society functions and helps people achieve their goals. Furthermore, it’s never about collecting wealth as much as it is about using it to fund a happy and deeply satisfying life. It’s tremendously gratifying to be able to solve those types of problems for others, and that feeling drives me to grow.”

She came to us more than prepared to handle her duties and more at California Wealth Advisors. She spent nearly four years managing the data center for a law firm, giving her experience in administration, workflow and personal relations. It also helped her learn so much about an industry that, while not directly related, is undoubtedly linked to finance, as a financial professional must always remain informed about recent legislation that affects their client base. Nicole also worked for the city of Thousand Oaks, a place she holds near and dear to her heart.

“The entirety of Southern California is so special to me. I absolutely love this area, and I feel like we’re one of so few places that can keep you on your toes while also giving you the opportunity to explore gorgeous landscapes and live a laid-back lifestyle,” Nicole says. “The hustle and fast-paced nature of Los Angeles is palpable from where we are in Santa Barbara all the way down to Orange County, and while I know it’s not for everyone, it gives me so many opportunities to do the things I love.”

In fact, in her free time, you’ll probably find Nicole taking in the best California has to offer, oftentimes visiting the beach, finding a new hiking trail or camping in the woods. “The beach is my happy place,” she says. “I love jumping in the car, grabbing a few friends and spending the entire day on the sand. I also think we have the best beaches on the planet. The water is always warm, and we’re usually able to find a nice, quiet spot to just enjoy the weather.”

She also loves to travel, with some of her favorite places being Greece, Italy, Turkey and San Francisco. Her heart, however, belongs to Las Vegas, which is just a quick drive away from Southern California. So many of her favorite memories with her friends take place in Sin City, from birthday celebrations to family trips to girls’ weekends. She’s also a big fan of music and loves to attend festivals. “It’s about so much more than the music,” Nicole says. “It’s about the community that’s ingrained in the culture of a festival. I love to go with friends, but I also love to go and make new friends because everyone is so kind and welcoming. There’s something so powerful about being in a place where everyone cares so deeply about the same thing. It’s truly addictive.”

Nicole’s entire life circles around community and family. She says, “That’s what amazes me about California Wealth Advisors. We’re not just an office. We’re a family, and each one of our clients seamlessly blends in with us to become someone we care about so deeply, giving us reason to give them the exact same level of service we’d want our parents or grandparents to get.”

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