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Join Kelley Slaught and California Wealth Advisors
Thursday, June 29th – 6-7PM PT



Join Kelley Slaught & California Wealth Advisors to Learn How to Build Your Foundation

A home can’t be secure and sturdy without a strong foundation. At California Wealth Advisors, we focus on building that foundation and laying the groundwork for a future that fulfills your dreams. We consider your goals, your circumstances and your tolerance for risk as we construct a portfolio that is specific to you and diversified in a way that we believe suits your needs and pushes you toward your ideal lifestyle.


Our webinar is designed to help you in the beginning stages as you create, design and idealize a financial plan that matches your objectives. Starting from the ground and working up, Kelley Slaught, CEO and president of California Wealth Advisors, will unpack all of the individual pieces of a proper plan. From portfolio allocation, to products we utilize to meet and exceed your goals, to the everyday management of your money, Kelley can help you stop treading water and start striving toward a real, legitimate destination, even one you previously thought was unreachable. Furthermore, this event, as well as follow up portfolio reviews and consultations, are completely FREE, giving you access to valuable information without forcing you to chip away at your hard-earned money. Spots, however, are limited, so be sure to register now to secure your seat!

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Join Kelley Slaught, CEO & President, California Wealth Advisors

An independent business owner and strategist, Kelley Slaught is bullish about YOUR success.

Breaking down complex financial concepts and designing plans as a team.

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