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Christopher McKay (left) is a business assistant and office administrator with us, helping our clients prepare to reach their goals. His care for others has always been his driving force, whether he has helped them financially or personally, and he loves it when he speaks with a client who has finally achieved their greatest objective, oftentimes giving them the freedom to chase new dreams and connect with those who matter most.

On a day-to-day basis, Christopher typically helps our clients prepare for meetings, design plans, file changes in their plans and paperwork, and more. An integral part of our office, each day presents a new opportunity, as he’s often asked to adapt to the circumstances he’s presented with, forcing him to use his problem-solving and communication skills. He loves that aspect of his job, as it keeps him on his toes, and he never gets tired of helping clients tackle a new task or strive toward a new objective.

“This is such a satisfying industry because it gives me the chance to watch our clients hit life’s most amazing milestones,” Christopher says. “Though I truly believe in savoring the moment, I know that everyone dreams about graduating and moving into a successful retirement with the funds it takes to be comfortable and secure. That’s what pushes me each and every day.”

Born and raised in Ventura, California, Christopher has been all around our incredible state, visiting nearly every attraction we have to offer. Though he has loved every stop, he has also found a second home in Texas. He attended Austin Community College and the University of Texas in Austin, where he achieved an associate degree in accounting as well as business administration. He also completed a four-year Certified Public Accountant program, pushing him well on his way toward his educational and professional goals, both of which include being well-rounded and researched.

Though he only called it home for a few years, Texas still holds a special place in his heart, and he visits often. “It feels like it changes every time I go back, but it’s always for the better,” Christopher says. “There’s always something new and refreshing to experience in Austin, but somehow it keeps that charm that really won me over while I was going to school. From the downtown area to the art to the gorgeous trails and outdoor sites, it’s one of my favorite cities in the world.”

He resides full-time in California with his fiancé Esmerelda. The two are recently engaged and plan to get married in 2023. “She’s my childhood crush and the best thing that ever happened to me,” says Christopher. “I still remember all of the little milestones we’ve hit along the way, and getting to share those moments with her means so much to me. Knowing that she’ll be there for the rest of them is even better.”

Together, the two enjoy traveling, surfing, golfing, camping and boating. In fact, when Christopher isn’t in the office at California Wealth Advisors, there’s a good chance you might find him at one of our gorgeous beaches in the area, catching some sun or some waves. “Growing up in California means that surfing is in your blood. Nothing matches the feeling of hitting the beach early in the morning and watching the sun rise while you’re on your board. Also, I might be biased, but I’ve been all around the country, and I still think Southern California has the best waves in the nation.”

Christopher and Esmerelda also enjoy road tripping and visiting new camping sites in their RV. Some of their favorite places include various national and state parks around California, lakes, beaches, gardens and more. “The RV gives us so much flexibility to do our favorite thing, which is travel. It’s an all-in-one that we can park and plant almost wherever we’d like, and we really enjoy the time we have on the road,” Christopher says. “We feel so lucky because we just love each other’s company, so it’s easy to pack our things and hit the road together. I feel like that’s where our best ideas and best conversations come out.”

Christopher is also extremely close with family and friends, and he always has been. In fact, he can’t remember a time when he didn’t have his family or friends around or in his corner, whether that be in California or around the country. Someone will always pick up the phone or meet up, and those lifelong connections are the most important thing to him. “Family and friends are everything,” he says. “I’ve been so lucky to be surrounded by good friends and a tight-knit family for my entire life, and I think that has been a major contributing factor in my ability to reach my goals and become the person I’ve always wanted to be.”

He also believes that closeness with family and friends is why our clients at California Wealth Advisors get his best each day. Christopher says, “I know how my family would want to be treated by their advisory team, so that’s the level of service, grace and acceptance I look to provide. I know it can be extremely stressful, so I try to make it easy as possible for our clients to find solutions that match their dreams. Peace of mind is the goal, and I’m thrilled that I get to be part of the team that gets to unlock it.”

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