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Christian Vasquez (far right) is our business assistant and office administrator, helping us ensure everything in our office runs smoothly.

Christian Vasquez is our business assistant and office administrator at California Wealth Advisors, supporting our staff and helping us connect with clients. He is a major point of contact for our firm, helping us ensure each of our clients gets the service they need to feel confident in their financial plan. Our team also wouldn’t be able to function without him, as he seamlessly slides in wherever he’s needed. Whether he’s processing paperwork, setting appointments, making calls to clients and partners, or any other tasks he performs on a daily basis, he is infinitely valuable.

While he currently spends most of his days assisting Kelley and the rest of the team, his career goal is to become a registered financial professional. “I knew I wanted to be a financial professional when I saw the difference an advisor can make,” Christian says. “I saw how clients reacted to meeting with Kelley and our advisors, and I saw the feeling of hope and confidence it inspired. I want to do the same thing while building trusting relationships to last for the rest of my career.”

He first joined California Wealth Advisors at the end of 2021, but he immediately fit right into the team because of his work ethic, discipline and commitment to clients. “I know clients always come first at CWA, and that’s why I love showing up for work in the morning,” Christian says. “I see that what we do actually makes a difference in the world, and I see how hard Kelley works to ensure that’s possible. I also love working as a member of this team to accomplish greater goals. We have incredible chemistry, and we’re all friends both inside and outside the office. I love working here, but even more than that, I love standing at the side of our advisors and financial professionals to provide the best service possible. We believe in our mission, and it’s contagious.”

A graduate of California State University Channel Islands, Christian achieved his bachelor’s degree in sociology, a passion he pursued because of his love for people. He is endlessly fascinated by the way we interact, especially when it comes to finance. He is now studying to earn his MBA at California Lutheran University. He says, “I want to become a registered financial professional AND learn more about how a great business runs. I think the two are usually more separate than they should be. Strong clients are built by those who support and surround them, and I love the idea of a team-oriented business that can shoulder the weight of financial burden, offer professional guidance and lead clients to financial freedom by giving them the tools they need.”

For Christian, however, it’s about so much more than simply giving our clients the tools they need. His dream is to show them how to use those tools, and he considers himself a natural teacher. “I see what Kelley does on a daily basis, and it’s infectious,” he says. “Our clients believe in her, and I think they have every reason to. She has decades of experience in this industry, and she has achieved so much as a business owner. From owning her own practice to hosting her own radio show, she is one of the best people I could ask to be around as I work to become an advisor myself. The things she has accomplished and built, both at California Wealth Advisors and throughout her career, inspire me to achieve my degree.”

In his free time, Christian enjoys going to the beach. “This is such a special part of the world because we’re so close to the beach and the ocean. I grew up around the water, and when I’m away from it, I miss it. It’s like being in an entirely different world with different possibilities. The water looks so clear and endless, and I think it’s the best place to let go of all my stress and dream about what can happen.”

He also likes to unwind by watching Netflix shows or spending time with friends and family. “The best is when I get to combine the two,” Christian says. “There’s nothing like being sucked in by a good show, then not being able to hit the pause button. It’s addicting, and I love watching those mesmerizing shows with my friends and family. Some of our best times and best conversations have come from those moments, and I always love the chance to just sit and enjoy the company of the people I love the most.”

As a team member of California Wealth Advisors, Christian is just further evidence of our commitment to recruiting top talent and providing clients with the best service we can. We’ve been so proud to watch how much Christian has grown just in his time here, and we can’t wait to watch him achieve everything he sets out to do. His alignment with our mission also makes us so excited to watch him when he is finally registered, as we know he’ll provide the same compassionate and caring service he currently does, only in a greater capacity.


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