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Anthony Hayek is our office manager, assisting our advisors and ensuring our firm runs smoothly.

At California Wealth Advisors, we’ve always prided ourselves on our team, as well as the chemistry we’ve built and the way we use our skills to serve our clients to the best of our ability. That’s why we were so proud to welcome Anthony Hayek into the office earlier this year. A natural fit, he immediately took on his role of office manager, and we’re thrilled to have his skills, his experience, and most of all, his personality on our team. His welcoming smile and people-first attitude helps us connect with our clients and give them the tools they need to accomplish their retirement goals.

He’s also no stranger to the financial industry. He joined California Wealth Advisors with nearly two decades of experience at major banking firms. There, he developed both his leadership and his people skills, making him the perfect candidate for his role here. He oversaw 25 different financial centers and helped coach and develop advisors. “For me, helping advisors become better at their profession was always about the client,” Anthony says. “If they’re better advisors, they can provide better service, and I truly believe better service leads to a higher chance of bringing a client’s retirement dreams to life.”

Now, his role is similar in that he is the first line of support, both for our clients and our advisory team. Whether he’s processing paperwork, touching base with clients or ensuring our team has everything they need to properly do their jobs, he plays an invaluable role in the success of both our company and our partners. Anthony says, “My goal has always been to support people. My passion is for leading, coaching and growing others, and I have always enjoyed structuring business models to help both owners and customers. I think a rising tide raises all ships, and success is something we should all share in. That’s why financial services is the perfect industry for me, because we all have the opportunity to succeed together.”

A graduate of California State University, Northridge, he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance. He immediately entered the banking industry, where he learned skills to make him a well-rounded team member, communicator and financial professional. He also holds his Series 7, 9, 10 and 66 securities registrations. “My mission is to cover nearly every aspect of the industry. I believe life is about developing your craft and seeing just how much you can learn. Then, I like to share that experience and knowledge with others,” Anthony says. “I’m, extremely grateful to be here with California Wealth Advisors because it shows me a new side of the financial industry; one that works closer with clients to bring personal goals to fruition.”

Born and raised in West Los Angeles, Anthony is a California kid at heart, which is yet another reason he’s proud to support the members of our community. He says, “California means everything to me. My family is here, my friends are here, and my hobbies are here. It’s everything I’ve ever known, and it’s why I want to help the people of this state. I also know that California is so deeply ingrained in the DNA of everyone who lives here. It’s more than a state of residence. It’s an entire culture and a mindset, and I think understanding that is the key to helping our clients. Their goals tend to be somewhat similar, obviously with some variation depending on their passions and backgrounds, but our team has a unique ability to connect with the people of Southern California that I think gives us the chance to help them to the best of our ability.”

Growing up in Southern California didn’t just give Anthony the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the people; it gave him unique experience in show business. From a very young age, he sang in a choir that first introduced him to the thrills of performing on stage. He eventually went on to work in movies, television shows and theatres all throughout the area. “I have a deep love for entertainment and the entertainment industry,” Anthony says. “I think growing up around it and knowing people who work in that world both humanizes and personalizes it. You see all the people who bring that magic to life, and it’s infectious. It makes you want to be a part of it. Even though I’m no longer directly involved in entertainment, I’ll always look back on that time with great memories. I’m also still a superfan of any sort of performance or piece of entertainment art.”

When he’s not watching movies, television shows, theatre shows or musical performances, you can probably find Anthony exploring the area. He loves to travel, both to destinations in California and new places around the world. He is also extremely active and spends his free time hiking, running and doing yoga. “Obviously I’m biased, but I think California has the best running and hiking trails on the planet. The weather is always amazing, and you always have the opportunity to visit somewhere new. The landscape is beautiful, and you get to change elevations. It’s just the perfect place for anyone who enjoys being out in nature,” Anthony says.

He also recently married the love of his life, Akadina. “She’s my best friend, my soulmate and my favorite traveling partner,” says Anthony. “We were made for each other, and I’m so happy to have found her. She’s the most important person in my life, and I look forward to every experience I get to cherish with her.” Together, the two enjoy reading and going to church. Anthony considers his faith a guiding factor in his service, believing it’s his duty to help others. We’re proud to have him on our team, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes with California Wealth Advisors!

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